Machine Design & Retrofit, japanese体内谢精, Monitoring & Supervision


As an agent of the Industry 4.0, N&F designs solution to build smart factories where data exchange and data analysis is the key to improve productivity.

Working with you all along the development process, N&F develops customised solution and fulfills your requirements to ensure your satisfaction.


We propose to our customer a set of integrated solutions based on high reactivity programs and precise sensors allowing efficient monitoring and supervision in real time. Using reputed brand hardware, our solution are stable and safe. Operators and human factors is involved in product development cycle, insuring an intuitive and operative solutions.


Our programs are implemented in : Ladder, Grafcet, Structured Text, Instruction Logic, C, etc

We provide you up-to-date control solution using the last PLC technology from : Schneider, Beckhoff, Siemens, etc We can manage modern industrial communication technologies as Modbus TCP/IP, Ethercat and more classic ones as Serial Modbus, ASI.

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N&F proposes to be part of your design study by supplying CAD drawings and animations. If you want to improve your presentations to your customer or decision makers, CAD animation can help introducing your concept design and detect defects at the earliest stage of development. Our designers propose to meet your engineers and explicit your requirements in order to offer the 3d representation you need.


N&F can also retrofit, repair or modernize your machine, or your process. By gathering and analysing the documentation and your needs, N&F can propose to modify your machine. A first phase of design allow to ensure the good understanding of our customers. Once design has been specified and validated, N&F can install on site in a very short time.