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Welcome on N&F Automations web site,

N&F Automations is an independent company offering a wide variety of industrial products and services, ranging from simple automation control HMI to complete global installation on sites. Our experienced team has already operated in several different contexts in Asia, as in Europe or America, and we are willing to assist you in all your industrial needs.

We believe that quality is the first step to sustainable business and relationships, that's why we consider customers' requirements as the center of the design process.

Please, don't hesitate to contact us to request a quote, get pricing, or submit an order.


Mechanical & Electrical Design, PLC programming, Installation, Testing, Training and Production Launching

Optimize your PLC program and make your machines faster, safer and more efficient (Brands: Schneider, Omron, Mitsubishi, Idec, etc...)

Modernize your line by integrating new functions & components: P&P robots, Controllers & Readers, Safety devices


Mastering your process, we provide taylor-made solutions

From hardware specifications & drawing study, electrical I/O identifications, HMI & PLC program analyzis, we build a deep understanding of your installation. After having identified and caracterised the specific issue, we provide a key solution.


Get an automatic Production Report in Real-time, from your worldwide or local production plants

Access Production data, Alarms, OEE or Tool life duration and :

> Measure the Efficiency of your production lines day by day,

>Get real-time Alarms Notification and activate adapted maintenance intervention to restart your production faster,

>Identify Recurrent Defects, and enhance your preventive maintenance,

>Improve your tool life management.